The creators of BattleTech Shadowrun and The Lamplighters League were

The creators of BattleTech, Shadowrun and The Lamplighters League were left with nothing after the split from Paradox, but they are not giving up – a “daring” strategy is in development

American Harebrained Schemes (Shadowrun Trilogy, BattleTech), which became independent after the failure of turn-based strategy The Lamplighters League, told about the consequences of separating from Paradox Interactive and its next game.

    Image source: Paradox Interactive

Image source: Paradox Interactive

According to Harebrained Schemes, the studio is embarking on a new chapter after five years under Paradox’s wing. In the predecessor (i.e. owned by “Paradoxes”), The Lamplighters League, BattleTech and the Shadowrun trilogy were retained.

“As much as we love these worlds and want to work on them again, we can’t. All we have is our name, a creative spark and the latest shirts. Unlimited creative freedom brings with it some challenges in business.”say the authors.

Harebrained Schemes added that the industry is currently in a difficult situation (see numerous layoffs and studio closures): publishers need new games, but preferably those that are already ready for active production.

    Harebrained Schemes was acquired by Paradox in 2018 and became independent again on January 1, 2024

Harebrained Schemes was acquired by Paradox in 2018 and became independent again on January 1, 2024.

Currently, a small team within Harebrained Schemes, consisting of key BattleTech and Shadowrun developers, is working on something new and “clearly”.

We’re talking about a new story strategy that organically links narrative and gameplay: “This is the kind of thing publishers need to see to believe [в её потенциал]. Once this happens, they will understand everything..

In the coming weeks, Harebrained Schemes will prepare a compelling demo of the project and show it to publishers over the next few months in hopes of securing a deal: “We’ll see what happens next”.

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