The creators of ATOM RPG have announced Swordhaven Iron Conspiracy

The creators of ATOM RPG have announced Swordhaven: Iron Conspiracy, a fantasy role-playing game in the spirit of Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale

The Atom Team studio, which became famous thanks to the dilogy of post-apocalyptic role-playing games ATOM RPG, two and a half years after its last release presented new project.

  Image source: Atom Team

Image source: Atom Team

The game is called Swordhaven: Iron Conspiracy and is a party-based fantasy RPG inspired by the classics of the Infinity Engine role-playing genre – Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale and so on.

The events of Swordhaven will unfold in the virtually unexplored land of Nova Drakonia. Players will take on the role of a lonely traveler whose life is changed by a fateful meeting.

On his journey, the hero one day meets a dying old man who entrusts the protagonist with a bizarre artifact. He “will draw you into the adventure of a lifetime and a conspiracy that threatens everything you have ever known and loved”.

In the vast non-linear world of Swordhaven: Iron Conspiracy, players can expect dozens of hours of exploring quiet villages, ancient temples, eerie crypts, strange dungeons and otherworldly locations.

They promise interesting NPCs, quests unique to your character with multiple potential solutions, turn-based or real-time combat (with pause), a classless role-playing system, and a customizable interface.

Swordhaven: Iron Conspiracy is being created for PC (Steam) and is preparing for closed beta testing (you can submit an application Here). Among the supported languages, only English is announced so far.

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