The creators of Abzu and The Pathless have announced Sword

The creators of Abzu and The Pathless have announced Sword of the Sea, a scenic adventure that looks like a cross between Journey and Tony Hawk Pro Skater

Journey’s fame hasn’t left the folks at the studio that created the game company alone. Team Giant Squid (Abzu, The Pathless), founded by a former art director of the cult adventure, as part of the PlayStation Showcase announced your new project.

    Image Source: Giant Squid

Image Credit: Giant Squid Studios

The game is called Sword of the Sea and at first glance it looks like a non-existent sequel to Journey. The lonely protagonist glides across the sun-shimmering sand to the moody music of Austin Wintory.

In the desolate world of Sword of the Sea, the earth flows in waves and the protagonist, the revived Wraith, must sprint across seas of quicksand with his hoversword to find the lost ocean.

The floating sword behaves like a combination of hoverboard, skateboard and snowboard, allowing you to develop tremendous speed and fly into the air. The authors tried to embody the sensations of skateboarding and snowboarding games, but in a different context.

To bring the world of Sword of the Sea back to life, users must explore skatepark-like ruins, sinking tombs, and petrified battlefields, and encounter giant leviathans.

Users in the comments below the Sword of the Sea announcement trailer (attached above) were already impressed with what they saw called Play a mix of Journey and Tony Hawk Pro Skater or Journey Hawk Pro Skater.

Sword of the Sea is being developed for PC (the Steam page is not yet live) and PlayStation 5. No release date has been announced. The project is being led by Giant Squid Creative Director and former Journey Art Director Matt Nava.

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