The creator of Vampire Survivors explained the success of the

The creator of Vampire Survivors explained the success of the game and told under what conditions he would make Vampire Survivors 2

An interview with the developer of the gothic survival action roguelike Vampire Survivors, Luca Galante, aka Poncle GameSpot talked about the game’s success story and the likelihood of a sequel.

    Image source: Poncle

Image source: Poncle

According to Galante, he initially hoped to get at least 100 people involved with Vampire Survivors, but posting it on didn’t help achieve that goal. A few months later, the developer decided to put the game on Steam, where it was overtaken in popularity.

Galante attributes Vampire Survivors’ early success to three factors:

  • Bullet Hell style gameplay seen in a mobile game Magic Survival;
  • colorful visual effects inspired by platforms Lapis x Labyrinth;
  • thematic resemblance to Castlevania achieved through a free set of materials available to Galante.

The variety of interests of the audience also plays into the hands of Vampire Survivors: most of the time, a few successful races are enough, while the project offers a wide range of play styles and tasks (ideal combinations, challenges, collecting all items).

    Magic Survival (Image Source: Play Store)

Magic Survival (Image Source: Play Store)

As interest in Vampire Survivors grew, Galante decided to take development more seriously: he drew up a plan (later more than doubled) for early access, hoping to save the €1000 spent developing the game by then to bring back in.

Due to the influx of users, Galante tried to outdo itself and offer something new with each patch. As a result of this practice, the developer was not entirely satisfied with the final boss, but does not intend to return to it.

    Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer received all in-game achievements (Image source: XboxP3 on Twitter)

Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming receive all in-game achievements (Image source: XboxP3 on Twitter)

In the future, the game is waiting for add-ons like the already released Legacy of the Moonspell (characters, weapons, levels), but Vampire Survivors 2 is in question: “Vampire Survivors is designed so that we can add new content and new mechanics to an existing game, so why make a sequel? If we decide to do a sequel or a spiritual heir, we need to offer something radically new.”.

Vampire Survivors is available for PC (Steam, Microsoft Store), Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, iOS and Android, and Game Pass (PC and Xbox). PlayStation release on the way: Galante says he wants to release the game on PS Vita.

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