The craziest walkthrough The streamer completed all quests in Fallout

The craziest walkthrough: The streamer completed all quests in Fallout 4 without taking any damage – it took him 415 attempts and 2000 hours

Canadian streamer Vrexia completed “The hardest Fallout 4 walkthrough ever” — Completed all quests without taking the slightest damage. It took 415 attempts and more than 2,000 hours.

    Image source: Bethesda Softworks

Image source: Bethesda Softworks

As part of the test, Vrexia completed Fallout 4 with all add-ons, completed all tasks, collected all Vault Boy figures, magazines and Nuka-Cola recipes, opened all settlements and found all companions. The streamer made his life even more complicated: he refused to give legendary items (in addition to those required to complete quests), armor, clothes with bonuses to SPECIAL characteristics (except stamina), medicines (except antibiotics), food and drinks etc. to use VATS system, items that remove radiation effects (he used them only in the “Mass Fusion” and “Mechanist Lair” locations, where it was impossible to do without it) and advantages that prevent taking damage . In addition, he chose the most difficult ending – on the Institute’s side.

To ensure that the character does not lose health, he installed a mod that will kill the hero if he receives any damage from any source. Some attempts failed due to errors (one of them threw a character into the sky while calmly walking through the wasteland, another threw a scorpion into the air, which landed on the hero), others – because of absurdities (death by Microscope that fell off the table). In one case, Vrexia completed the game 99.5% of the time and died in the final mission. “My viewers took it harder than I did” – he noted in a conversation with PC gamer. — I was very happy to have reached this point. The last mission is the most difficult.”

Streamer achieved the goal in two years and seven months and spent around 2000 hours on all experiments. A successful completion took 52 hours 20 minutes 23 seconds. In the entire period, he spent a whopping 13,395 hours with the Steam version of Fallout 4.

“Without a doubt, this is the most difficult Fallout 4 playthrough ever.”replied in Twitter About testing the Refractionpcsx2 creator of the PCSX2 emulator.

Vrexia said that the idea of ​​completing the game in such conditions came to him after completing increasingly difficult tests. First he tried to reach the final in survival mode, then – without deaths, then – without damage. As a result, he combined all the restrictions.

The enthusiast plans to continue streaming Fallout 4, but he hopes new challenges will be related to retro games.

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