The cover has been removed from the Core i9 13900 engineering

The cover has been removed from the Core i9-13900 engineering sample

Chinese tech blog Expreview posted a video with the removal of the heat-dissipating cover from the engineering sample of the flagship processor Intel Core i9-13900. The video of the process confirmed that increasing the number of energy-efficient Gracemont cores in the processor significantly increased the total die area compared to its predecessor.

    Image source: Expreview

Image source: Expreview

Core i9-13900 engineering sample 10 nm chip area approx. 257 mm2that’s about 49mm2 larger than current-generation 10 nm Alder Lake dies. However, the Raptor Lake die is smaller than the 14nm Rocket Lake, which measures 280mm.2.

Removing the heat spreader cover is a very risky operation that can physically damage the chip and surrounding SMD components. Not only experience counts here, but also luck. Even experienced enthusiasts managed to kill many processors in this way during their lifetime.

Fortunately, the Chinese Expreview went through without any problems. If you remove the cover in perspective, you can replace the thermal interface between the processor and the cover with a more efficient one. This can be extremely relevant on very powerful models of Intel processors, whose TDP can reach 250 watts at peak load.

The announcement of the 13th generation of Intel Core processors is expected on September 27th at the Intel Innovation Event. New-generation chips could go on sale as early as mid-October.


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