The court saw no evidence of price fixing by Samsung

The court saw no evidence of price fixing by Samsung, Micron and SK hynix

A class action lawsuit against memory manufacturers Samsung, Micron and SK Hynix for alleged price fixing will not be heard in court. On Monday, the US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the lawsuit filed against three DRAM chip makers did not provide sufficient evidence to warrant a lawsuit.

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The plaintiffs, represented by the law firm Hagens Berman, allege that Samsung, Micron and SK hynix – the world’s largest memory manufacturers – took coordinated action to adjust prices in their favour. In particular, since 2016 three companies are said to have cut production at the same time. However, for the further processing of the case, as the court stated, the charges must be supported “some more facts”.

The court’s decision established that the actions of the accused “rather explained by lawful uncoordinated behavior based on the free market”rather than illegal agreements. In other words, companies have taken similar actions because they were doing business sensibly, not to artificially inflate the prices of their products. Therefore, in order to reconsider the case on these allegations, the plaintiffs must present new weighty evidence.

As the journalists of the resource found out Tom’s hardware, Hagens Berman has already filed lawsuits against DRAM manufacturers. The first of these was filed in 2002 and resulted in a $345 million out-of-court settlement in 2006. The law firm made a second attempt in 2018, and a third, ongoing lawsuit was filed in 2021. In the last two cases, hearings were denied.


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