The cooling system of the new MacBook Pro 13quot based

The cooling system of the new MacBook Pro 13" based on Apple M2 could not handle intensive workloads

The cooling system of the updated 13-inch MacBook Pro based on the Apple M2 processor does not cope very well with intensive workloads. This conclusion comes from the test of the new notebook, which was carried out by the Notebook Check portal.

    Image source: Notebook Check

Image source: Notebook Check

The source notes that the MacBook Pro 13 “has generally become faster than its predecessor, which is based on the Apple M1 chip. However, this is mainly due to the higher frequencies of the new Apple M2 chip, which is based on an improved but Improved is generally based on the same 5 nm process technology.The new processor also has more integrated graphics units, which not only increases the performance, but also the power consumption of the chip.

Like its 2020 predecessor, the updated 13-inch MacBook Pro is equipped with an active cooling system. The second, however, had no problems with the cooling of the Apple M1 processor, the Observer notes. The new laptop doesn’t have any problems with the cooling either, but right up to the moment when all the components of the Apple M2 are involved, not just its computing cores, but also the graphics.

The Apple M2 processor unit with computing cores consumes around 20 W of electricity, and the integrated graphics consumes another 13.5 W. When the stress tests of both components are started simultaneously, the power consumption of the chip increases to 35 watts. This becomes a difficult task for a laptop cooling system, even if its fan reaches a maximum speed of around 7300 rpm very quickly. Although the CPU consumption is automatically reset to 28-30W at this time, the chip temperature reaches 98 degrees Celsius.

The source notes that such operating conditions are an extreme scenario, but these observations make one wonder about the cooling efficiency of the new MacBook Air, which is also based on the Apple M2 but with a fully passive cooling system. The source notes that most users will not experience any difficulties with normal day-to-day use of the laptop. However, the maximum performance of the new Air can be forgotten if the laptop is used with heavy tasks for a long time. The source recalls that the MacBook Air model based on the Apple M1 also had throttling issues, but the situation could be more serious with the Apple M2 as the new chip has higher power consumption.

Apple has not yet announced the exact launch date for the updated MacBook Air based on the Apple M2. The company’s website states that the novelty will go on sale in July.

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