The console premiere of the adventure puzzle Ever Forward postponed for the fourth time

PM Studios Publishing and Development Studio Pathea Games (My Time at Portia) in the official microblog their adventure puzzle Ever Forward announced the next postponement of the console release of the game.

Image source: PM Studios

Image source: PM Studios

Recall that initially the debut of Ever Forward on consoles was expected in the winter of 2020. Then the premiere was shifted to June 29, 2021, then to August 10, and then to 14 september… In the meantime, it is already November.

As it became known, Ever Forward will go on sale for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Nintendo Switch on December 7 of this year. The cost of the game will be $ 15.

Ever Forward events unfold “In a strange space somewhere between reality and imagination”… Players in the role of the girl Mai need to unlock their memories and face their own fears.

Ever Forward debuted in August 2020 on PC (Steam). The profile press greeted the project relatively cool – the average rating of the PC version at Metacritic is 65 out of 100%.

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