The confidential search engine Brave Search left the testing phase

The confidential search engine Brave Search left the testing phase and received the function of filtering and changing search results

Brave Software, creators of the privacy-focused browser of the same name, has announced that its rapidly growing search service has ended beta. At the same time, the developers began beta testing the Goggles feature, which allows you to filter and personalize search results.

    Image source: Bleeping Computer

Image source: Bleeping Computer

Brave Search, which debuted about a year ago, is reportedly enjoying huge popularity. Since its launch, the service has processed more than 2.5 billion searches, and according to the latest monthly indicators, the search engine has a good chance of doubling that number within the next year. The search engine is available in the proprietary Brave browser as well as other browsers

“Since launching Brave Search a year ago, we have focused on independence and innovation to give users the privacy they deserve. Web space is changing and our incredible growth shows there is a demand for a new player that puts users first.”— said the head of the search service Brave Search Josep Pujol (Josep Pujol).

According to Brave, it took Google over a year to process its first 2.5 billion searches, and DuckDuckGo, which is based on Microsoft’s Bing search, took over four years to reach a similar volume of user searches. Brave says it currently has more than 59 million monthly users worldwide.

To compete with Google, she launched a tool similarly named Goggles. To interact with Goggles, simply click on the appropriate button below the Brave Search search bar. After that, the user, at his own discretion, can choose the parameters according to which the search results will be displayed. The company believes that this approach allows users to avoid any search engine bias. In addition, users can remove websites with unwanted content from the output.

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