The colossal Intel LGA 7529 socket can be seen in

The colossal Intel LGA 7529 socket can be seen in the photo – it accepts Xeon Sierra Forest chips on small E-cores

Hardware reviewer and leaker aka YuuKi_AnS shares an image of the LGA 7529 processor socket for upcoming Intel Xeon server processors Sierra forest. Previously, this source was one of the first to show Intel Sapphire Rapids technical samples. Photos of the Sierra Forest processor itself have not yet been published, but you can already get some impressions of the socket.

Image source: YuuKi_AnS

Unfortunately, the connector itself cannot be seen, only a protective cover with the inscription LGA-7529, which indicates a significant increase in the number of pins compared to LGA 4677 for current Intel Xeon processors Sapphire Rapids. The number in the Intel socket name indicates the number of pins. Also in the photo you can see that the length of the new processor socket almost catches up with the slot for the RAM module.

As part of the upcoming Birch Stream platform, Sierra Forest’s Xeon chips will be a new series of Xeon processors with so-called efficient cores. This is a new segment of Intel’s data center processors that should rival AMD EPYC Bergamo with Zen4c cores.

Xeon Sierra Forest will be the first of Intel’s new strategy to launch two server processor families in parallel. Processors based on this silicon will use extremely small, energy-efficient E-Cores to maximize their number in a single chip.

According to Intel, Sierra Forest will use the Intel 3 manufacturing process and will be high-density and optimized “super efficient” Computing in cloud systems. Intel recently confirmed that Sierra Forest will launch in 2024 alongside the production of Granite Rapids. With their release, Intel will split Xeon processors into two separate lines for the first time – with productive and energy-efficient cores.

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