The co op shooter Crossroads sends players into the American pre apocalypse

The co-op shooter Crossroads sends players into the American pre-apocalypse

Developer of independent French studio Piece of Cake (hack day) have officially unveiled their next project, a pre-apocalyptic co-op action game titled Crossing.

    Image Credit: Piece of Cake Studios

Image Credit: Piece of Cake Studios

Crossroads events will take place in the United States, where evil forces have opened portals through which otherworldly creatures, including demons, vampires, and werewolves, have entered the real world.

The incompetent populace hides in quarantine zones, and representatives of a secret brotherhood of supernatural hunters who have waited in the shadow of this day for centuries have risen to meet the danger.

Alone, with friends or in a squad, Crossroads users must travel through the suburbs of the United States, fighting deadly monsters and closing those very portals.

Crossroads release dates and list of target platforms are not announced at this time. But the project already has official sitewhere, however, apart from a selection of screenshots and the trailer attached above, there is still nothing to be found.

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