The classic quest Myst was presented in the form of

The classic quest Myst was presented in the form of an abstruse shooter with demons and music by Doom – Myst FPS was even appreciated by the game developers of the series

Myst is one of the most famous and revered adventure games in history. But what if instead of the classic quest with meditative gameplay, Cyan Worlds Studio’s development was a shooter with demons and music from Doom?

    Image Source: Steam (TehSpoopyKitteh)

Image Source: Steam (TehSpoopyKitteh)

This question was answered by the developer duo Peter Henningsen (Peter Henningsen) and Steven Nass (Steven Nass), who form the Woe Industries team. Her new imperishable creation is Myst FPS.

Myst FPS is a point and kill adventure or point and click shooter. The player has to shoot hundred flying demons with firearms.

    Image source: Woe Industries

Image source: Woe Industries

Myst FPS uses locations from the original Myst as the backdrop. At the same time, a cult track from the first Doom plays in the background and someone sings to the beat of the music “Mystic! myst!”

What happens in case of victory we won’t say, but in case of defeat Myst FPS concludes that “Myst’s mind-blowing puzzles proved too difficult for your feeble wits”.

A parody shooter caught the attention of a Myst developer: Cyan Worlds Creative Lead Eric Anderson called Myst FPS almost “Perfection”.

You can play Myst FPS through the browser on the website absolutely free. Woe Industries is famous for its game sketches – often absurd (Food Poisoning: The Game) or parodic (Chris Pratt is Super Mario) character.

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