The Chrome browser warns of potentially dangerous

The Chrome browser warns of potentially dangerous extensions

Browser Google Chrome 117, which will soon leave the beta phase and will be available to all users, will warn the user if the extension he has installed will be removed from the Chrome Store.

    Image source: Google

Image source: Google

Extensions are a great way to increase the browser’s capabilities, but they’re also a tool that hackers sometimes abuse: some extensions steal passwords and serve ads to users. To protect users from them, Google constantly removes malware from the store. However, this hardly helps those who already have them installed – such users will have to remove them themselves. Sometimes that doesn’t happen either – people just ignore the news about dangerous extensions.

Because of this, Google has decided to inform users that the extensions they are using have been removed from the Chrome Store. Typically, this measure is applied to malicious products. You can test the feature in Chrome 116 by going to chrome://flags/#safety-check-extensions and enabling the appropriate option. Going forward, it will be moved to the “Privacy and security” settings pane. Going here will display all installed extensions that have been removed from the store and the reasons for their removal.


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