The Chrome browser added a sidebar with a bookmark manager

The Chrome browser added a sidebar with a bookmark manager

Google updated the Chrome browser interface and added a sidebar that offers quick access to bookmarks and so on. “Reading List”, which is functionally somewhat different from bookmarks.

Image source: geralt/

Image source: geralt/

After refreshing the browser, a new button will appear between the profile icon and the extension bar icon to the right of the address bar. By clicking the button, you can open a panel with two tabs on the right – the workspace for browsing pages is reduced proportionally.

An analogue of the reading list appeared in the old version of the interface last year, but now a more convenient alternative has been presented. And if links, as a rule, are permanently bookmarked, then relevant materials that for some reason cannot be read immediately are included in the reading list. Below you can mark what you have already read or simply remove it from the list.

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The side tab is already widely used for Chrome version 99 users. If the button is missing, you can try closing and reopening the browser or restarting your computer. For many, the new feature can completely replace the old bookmarks bar. Also, it is known that Google is working on a search sidebar that can be used directly when working with content.



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