The choice now available to gamers will disappear Microsoft offers

“The choice now available to gamers will disappear”: Microsoft offers to release Call of Duty on PlayStation are becoming increasingly profitable, but Sony is not giving up

edition The New York Times citing its whistleblowers, has revealed the details of the latest proposal Microsoft has made to Sony Interactive Entertainment regarding the future of the Call of Duty series on PlayStation.

    Image Source: Steam (Hellfire)

Image Source: Steam (Hellfire)

Keep in mind that the safety of Call of Duty on PlayStation consoles was thrown into question when Microsoft announced its intention to acquire Activision Blizzard and all of its assets for $68.7 billion.

Subsequently, the American platform owner more than once (and not twice) spoke about his unwillingness to rob Call of Duty players on the PlayStation, but the parties cannot agree on the terms of the guarantee.

According to The New York Times, on November 11, Microsoft offered Sony a 10-year deal (the last offer was only three years) to keep Call of Duty on the PlayStation. The Japanese platform owner did not respond.

    Image Source: Vapor (Toxic Coffee)

Image Source: Vapor (Toxic Coffee)

Microsoft previously accused Sony of obscuring regulators (particularly the UK) and vastly exaggerating the importance of Call of Duty. Sony Interactive Entertainment President Jim Ryan rejected this assumption.

“[Microsoft была] Tech giant with a long history of industry dominance. Most likely, the choices now available to players will disappear when the deal is approved.explained Ryan.

To complete the acquisition, Microsoft needs to get the green light from 16 regulatory bodies in different countries. So far, a possible union has only been approved in Saudi Arabia and Brazil, but Microsoft is also expecting a positive verdict from Serbia.

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