The Chinese Loongson has developed its own GPU so

The Chinese Loongson has developed its own GPU – so far it’s only integrated graphics

The Chinese company Loongson has released a single-chip platform LS2K2000. It contains two LA364 processor cores with a frequency of 1.5 GHz, 2 MB of L2 cache and an integrated LG120 graphics core. So Loongson got his own graphics.

    Image source: Loongson

Image source: Loongson

The peculiarity of the LS2K2000 lies precisely in the graphics core, since this is the company’s first solution to use an integrated graphics processor that does not build on the architecture of third-party developers such as Arm or Imagination Technologies, whose solutions are often used in a wide range of single-chip -Platforms to find.

Loongson does not provide details on the properties of the LG120 graphics core. So far, nothing is known about the performance of the integrated graphics of the LS2K2000 processor. However, a chip with a couple of cores is unlikely to have a powerful, high-speed integrated solution – it’s more of an embedded solution, so just the ability to display an image will suffice.

The company states that the LS2K2000 single-chip platform consumes only 9W in performance mode and 4W in balanced mode. The platform claims support for DDR4-2400 RAM with ECC error correction, eMMC flash storage, PCIe 3.0, SATA III, USB 3.0, network interfaces, HDMI + DVO, audio and SDIO.

It is also stated that the platform scores 13.5 and 14.9 points in the fixed and floating point tests in single-threaded mode in the SPEC2006INT test, respectively.

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