The Chinese Intel Core i5 12490F with increased frequencies and cache

The Chinese Intel Core i5-12490F with increased frequencies and cache turned out to be up to 15% faster than Core i5-12400F

The Intel Core i5-12490F processor, which was presented separately from the worldwide announcement of the low-end Alder Lake S chips exclusively for China, showed up to 15% higher performance than the Core i5-12400F in the first tests . That’s right, so far only in a Geekbench benchmark.

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Intel did not send samples of the Core i5-12490F chip to specialist publications for testing. The novelty appeared immediately on the Chinese marketplace Only a box version of the processor is for sale, the packaging of which differs in design from the other models in the Alder Lake S series. It’s black, not blue. At the same time, there is no standard laminar cooling system in the box.

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In a single-threaded Geekbench test, the Core i5-12490F is about 10% faster than the Core i5-12400F. With multithreading, the difference in favor of the older model is around 15%.

Image source: Geekbench

Image source: Geekbench

This is achieved by a 500 MHz higher base and 200 MHz higher turbo clock frequency of the Core i5-12490F (3.0 / 4.6 GHz compared to 2.5 / 4.4 GHz for the Core i5-12400F) and up to L3 buffer memory increased to 20 MB. As a reminder: The Core i5-12400F has 18 MB L3 cache.

The performance difference between the Core i5-12490F and the Core i5-12500 (3.0 / 4.6 GHz, 18 MB L3) in the same test is no longer as noticeable as you can see in the picture below.

Image source: Geekbench

Image source: Geekbench

The larger cache memory gives the Core i5-12490F a lead of 2.5% in a single thread and 5.3% in a multi-thread.


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