The Chinese company Oppo has restricted the development of its

The Chinese company Oppo has restricted the development of its own chips for smartphones

Until the moment when Huawei blocked access to the TSMC pipeline through US sanctions, the processors of the HiSilicon subsidiary largely determined the market success of the parent brand’s smartphones. Other major Chinese manufacturers also tried to follow this path, but in the case of Oppo, the initiative was not developed, and the development of processors was carried out by the company’s specialists will be extinguished.

    Image source: Saipavan

Image source: Saipavan

Founded in 2019, Zeku specializes in the development of processors and secondary components for smartphones. In late 2021, the company launched the MariSilicon X imaging chip, which Oppo uses in flagship smartphones. Late last year, the company experienced a 30% drop in shipments due to overstocking and is now, predictably, looking for ways to cut costs.

Zeku research centers are located in four regions of China, only the Shanghai department has filed nearly 200 patents on its behalf, so Oppo’s activities in this area have been very fruitful. Given the uncertainty of the entire mobile business and the macroeconomic difficulties, it has now been decided to limit the development of components.

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