The Chinese company BYD stopped producing cars with only internal

The Chinese company BYD stopped producing cars with only internal combustion engines

Last week, BYD, China’s largest and one of the oldest electric vehicle manufacturers, officially informed the authorities that it would no longer produce vehicles powered exclusively by internal combustion engines. From now on, only hybrid and electric vehicles will be produced.

    Image source: BYD

Image source: BYD

According to the Chinese classification as explained Reuters, the latter vehicle types are classified as New Propulsion Vehicles (NEVs), meaning that hybrids are equated with electric vehicles in terms of subsidy and tax law. BYD will not discontinue its own production of internal combustion engines because hybrid vehicles require small numbers of highly efficient engines. However, hybrids produced by BYD will be able to charge from the grid, allowing the owner to avoid starting the combustion engine for small daily trips.

In March, BYD sold 104,878 vehicles with innovative powertrains, more than four times more than a year earlier. Of these, 53,664 cars were purebred electric vehicles, 50,674 cars were chargeable hybrids and 540 belonged to the commercial sector. The company promises that it will continue to provide full service and warranty support for customers operating internal combustion engine vehicles. China’s BYD is the only automaker from China to have signed a commitment with Western automakers (Volvo, Ford, GM, Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar Land Rover) to end production of internal combustion engine cars by 2040.


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