The Chinese BYD has not really overtaken Tesla in the

The Chinese BYD has not really overtaken Tesla in the electric car market – hybrids have entered the statistics

Many media outlets were quick to claim earlier this week that Chinese company BYD had allegedly launched more electric vehicles than Tesla in the past six months, becoming the biggest player in that market. A closer analysis of the statistics revealed that half of the electrified vehicles produced by BYD during this period were actually hybrids.

    Image source: Tesla

Image source: Tesla

As explained electricOf 638,157 “electrified vehicles” produced by the Chinese company in the first six months of this year, only 323,519 vehicles were “pure” electric vehicles, while the remaining 314,638 units were plug-in hybrids powered by both an internal combustion engine and a traction battery with an electric motor that enables the car to drive a certain distance purely electrically.

Even taking into account the less than successful second quarter, Tesla is well ahead of BYD in terms of the number of electric vehicles sold in the first half of the year: 564,000 compared to 323,000 at its Chinese competitor. Falsifications in the interpretation of the original report are due to the fact that in China, electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids are equated with “vehicles with innovative drive systems” by car manufacturers in state statistics. By the way, BYD has already stopped producing cars equipped exclusively with internal combustion engines, so in the future it will have quite homogeneous statistics. As outside experts expect, Tesla will produce about 1.4 million electric vehicles by the end of the year, and it’s anyone’s guess as to when any of its competitors can come close in that regard. In any case, Volkswagen wants to bypass it as early as 2024.

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