The cheaper version of the Apple Vision Pro headset will

The cheaper version of the Apple Vision Pro headset will not have an external screen with eyes

Earlier this year, Apple introduced the $3,500 Vision Pro mixed reality headset. To increase the mass appeal of the product, the company plans to launch a cheaper version. According to Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, this device will lack some of the features available in the Vision Pro, but will still be quite expensive.

    Image source: Apple

Image source: Apple

According to the report, the cheaper version of the headset will likely not have an external screen. This means that developers are abandoning the EyeSight function, which allows you to track the user’s eyes and display them on an external screen. According to the journalist, the cheaper version of the headset will have an iPhone-level processor, be equipped with fewer cameras and a lower resolution display. It is noted that the developers are currently considering various configuration options, so the final cost of the device will be between $ 1,500 and $ 2,500.

Therefore, none of the options Apple is considering will be cheap, even though the $1,500 device is priced more attractively than the $3,500 model. If a device comes on the market for $2,500, then that price may seem too high for potential buyers. The success of the device largely depends on how well the hardware solutions used in it meet customer expectations.

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