The chances are good that Samsung will pass Intel in

The chances are good that Samsung will pass Intel in sales by the end of January

The analysts at IC Insights have already predicted that Samsung Electronics will regain the status of the top-selling provider by the end of 2021 and Intel will roll back to the second position. Samsung has already released preliminary fourth quarter results, Intel will do so in late January, but the American giant has no particular chance of remaining the front runner.

Image source: TSMC

Image source: TSMC

As mentioned BloombergThe high prices and high demand for memory chips, which make up the majority of Samsung sales, gave the Korean conglomerate a slight cash advantage over Intel in the first three quarters of 2021. The fourth quarter is unlikely to have radically changed the balance of power. Even if Intel doesn’t give in to Samsung at the end of last year, it will in the foreseeable future as the situation in the PC market and the need for colossal investments in technological retrofitting are counteracting the first companies, which is the marginality of Intel’s business that is after Industry standards have remained sufficiently high so far, is being undermined.

For the past 30 years, Intel has managed to lead the semiconductor industry in most cases with sales of $ 400 billion. For American industry, Intel’s loss of first place will be a token blow as the country’s authorities seek to revive the former greatness of the national semiconductor industry. CEO Patrick Gelsinger is determined to make Intel a technology leader, but the fruits of its efforts will take years or even two years. In addition, Samsung Electronics can also apply for government subsidies to help set up new businesses in the US such as Intel.

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