The cameras of the Microsoft Surface Pro X tablets are

The cameras of the Microsoft Surface Pro X tablets are massively broken

Owners of Microsoft’s Surface Pro X tablets have encountered an unexpected problem with their devices’ cameras, writes The Verge. On the Reddit forum in the company’s tech support thread, users are complaining that the tablet’s camera stopped working yesterday. Reinstalling the drivers does not solve the problem.

    Image source: The Verge

Image source: The Verge

The Verge has experimentally confirmed the presence of a camera issue with Surface Pro

The Surface Pro X is Microsoft’s flagship arm-based tablet. It is currently not clear what exactly is causing the problem with operating his camera. Users have found a workaround to restore the camera, suggesting that the problem might be caused by an expired security certificate in Windows.

Surface Pro owners This workaround is effective, but changing the date may cause authentication issues when using certain services and websites. Therefore, this method can only be considered as a temporary method until Microsoft determines the cause of the problem and offers a complete solution.

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