The British choose The Callisto Protocol The start of sales

The British choose The Callisto Protocol: The start of sales of the Dead Space remake was twice as bad as that of a direct competitor

Portal shared information on the sale of retail editions of games in the United Kingdom for the period 22 to 28 January of the current year. The week was marked by the release of Forspoken and the remake of Dead Space.

    Image Credit: Steam (Nagi)

Image Credit: Steam (Nagi)

Electronic Arts’ rethinking of space horror became the week’s leading best-seller by a wide margin, but its direct rival in the genre – The Callisto Protocol – the updated Dead Space lost.

The Callisto Protocol sold twice as well as the Dead Space remake in its first week in UK retail. The lower price, the pre-Christmas period and the availability on more platforms spoke in favor of the Striking Distance Studios project.

Roughly 80% of Dead Space remake sales fell on the PlayStation 5, while the rest was sold for the Xbox. suggests that the balance of power is sure to change in the digital format.

    Image Source: Steam (Crow)

Image Source: Steam (Crow)

Forspoken, Square Enix’s open-world fantasy action role-playing game, showed up “relatively slow start” and only managed fourth place in the first few days after release.

Last week’s top seller, Fire Emblem Engage, fell to number seven and The Last of Us continues to sell out on the popularity of the HBO series, with sales of the PS5 remake and PS4 remaster up 32% and 27% respectively have risen.

The top 10 UK retail charts from 22nd to 28th January are as follows (last week’s result in brackets):

  1. dead space (new);
  2. FIFA 23 (2);
  3. god of war Ragnarok (3);
  4. leave (new);
  5. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (4);
  6. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (5);
  7. Fire Emblem Attack (1);
  8. Nintendo Switch Sport (7);
  9. Pokémon Violet (6);
  10. Minecraft (8).

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