The bosses of Google and Ma are dissatisfied with the

The bosses of Google and M**a are dissatisfied with the performance of the employees

Against the background of a looming economic recession, the management of the largest technology companies began to pay attention to one aspect of the human resources issue: there are many employees in the workforce, but not all of them have adequate labor productivity. The head of Meta spoke on this topic.* Mark Zuckerberg and Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

    Image Credit: Mark Zuckerberg

Image Credit: Mark Zuckerberg

Mr. Zuckerberg was the first to draw attention to the problem. In a weekly question and answer session on June 30, he said the looming economic recession could be the worst in recent history. “In fact, there’s probably a group of people in the company who shouldn’t be here. I partly hope that the goals will be more ambitious, and I’ll level up the situation a bit: I think some of you might just say that this place isn’t for you. And such self-determination will suit me.‘ Zuckerberg said. Then he also pointed out that the company will reduce hiring of engineering staff and leave a number of positions vacant.

Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai made a similar statement when speaking to employees: “There is real concern that our overall performance is not commensurate with the number of our employees. We need to create a culture that is more focused on mission, our products, our customers.”. By 2023, Google will have to cut both capital projects and hiring. The company was forced to take such measures by poor financial results: for the second consecutive quarter, sales and earnings fell short of expectations. For example, revenue growth for the most recent quarter was 13% versus 62% for the same period last year.

head meta* Mark Zuckerberg also noted that it has now become even more difficult to ensure staff attendance at meetings – so much time has been taken up by personal matters. However, the current staffing woes have a simple explanation: With the onset of the pandemic, the company has significantly increased headcount — from 48,000 at the end of 2019 to 77,800, a 62% increase.

* It is included in the list of public associations and religious organizations for which the court made a final decision, activities on the grounds of Federal Law No. 114-FZ of July 25, 2002 “On Combating Extremist Activity”.


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