The boss of the social network X announced a video

The boss of the social network X announced a video chat

Social network X (formerly Twitter) will soon have a video calling feature, said Linda Yaccarino, CEO of the platform. “Soon you’ll be able to make video chat calls without sharing your number with anyone on the platform.”— said the top manager in an interview CNBC.

    Image source: Rubaitul Azad /

Image source: Rubaitul Azad /

The innovation is the next step in Elon Musk’s plan to make Twitter a universal super app. The platform already supports downloading long HD videos and subscriptions for individual authors, and a payment system will be introduced in the foreseeable future. Shortly before, Andrea Conway, designer at X, published a cryptic post fast: “Just called someone on X” – and complemented it with four exploding head emoticons.

There is currently no shortage of video communication apps: the market is flooded with services such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Apple FaceTime and smaller providers. But that is by no means the end of the former Twitter – the new owner and CEO sees the platform as a kind of “global city square” where media, communication and payment functions converge.

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“The essence of renaming X is that we must not forget the development of this global city square, fueled by free speech, where the public congregates in real time. And I want to pause here, because “real time” is the most important thing about the dynamics of X and the way people interact with it. And now everything is available in one holistic interface.”– stressed Ms. Iaccarino.

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