The boss of Epic Games said that he will go

The boss of Epic Games said that he will go to the end in the fight against Apple

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has said he will do whatever it takes to fight Apple and its commission policy on the App Store – he’s ready to go to the Supreme Court. Included “Every politician should be wary of the growth in corporate power that Apple is creating”said Mr. Sweeney in an interview with the resource The edge.

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The conflict between Apple and Epic began in 2020 when the Fortnite developer added the ability to make payments bypassing the App Store to the iOS version of the game, after which the application was removed from the store. The first round of the trial ended last year, with the judge overwhelmingly siding with Apple, though both sides later appealed the decision. Tim Sweeney said in an interview with The Verge that his company will work on the case. “As far as possible and necessary for victory” — Hearings before the US Supreme Court not ruled out.

He did not rule out an out-of-court settlement of the claim, but for this Apple would have to make unthinkable concessions: to give all game developers the opportunity to freely compete in the application distribution market, including the ability to download games from their own sites, and also make payments in the game without commission through. According to Mr. Sweeney, this should have been the iPhone from the moment it was released – to work on the same model as macOS. The boss of Epic has declared his dispute with Apple “One of the things I’m most proud of in my 31 years in the gaming business”.

He believes that Apple’s power is excessive in general, and that applies not only to games but also to other applications – as an example he later cited refuted information about Apple’s intention to remove the Twitter application from the App Store. Mr. Sweeney saw the roots of the contradictions in the opposing political views of the majority of technology players and the microblogging service under the new leadership. This aspect should draw the attention of representatives of all trends, including professional politicians: the app distributor should not dictate to others what content may or may not be published, especially as he is guided solely by material profit considerations.

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