The Bloodborne Kart developer showed the first gameplay but the

The Bloodborne Kart developer showed the first gameplay, but the concept of the game is not yet fully worked out

Lead Programmer Heartstrings Studios Lilith Walther (Lilith Walther) presented a gameplay prototype of the racing arcade Bloodborne Kart, based on the gothic action Bloodborne.

    Image Credit: Bloodborne Kart

Image Credit: Bloodborne Kart

The one-minute video that was released was the result of a 72-hour test session in which Walter tried to invent and implement it “funny prototype” Bloodborne card.

In the build shown, the drifts create bullets: they are used to shoot or increase power when ramming the bike (mechanics can also be used in PvP mode).

“The management has been improved compared to Old April Fool’s Code. It’s nice to drive at test level. I hope this leads to good racing mechanics in the future!” Walther communicated.

In my microblog Walter released additional footage of Bloodborne Kart, as well as talked about the in-game camera and the uncertainty surrounding further development.

“This project is at a crossroads and could end up being one of four very different games depending on where I take it, so I have to think about that.”specified Walter.

Bloodborne Kart is expected to be released on PC when the game launches “Will be ready”. The project is made in the style of Bloodborne PSX – a demake of Bloodborne, also developed by the Walter team.


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