The blogger tied control of the Elden Ring character to

The blogger tied control of the Elden Ring character to the movements of his goldfish in the aquarium – Godric has already fallen, Malenia is next

Once enthusiasts didn’t try to get past Elden Ring – with the help of an EEG device, a dance mat, a controller made of bananas – until recently nobody used the usual goldfish to defeat the bosses in the game.

    Image Credit: Bandai Namco

Image Credit: Bandai Namco

American streamer and blogger Eric Morino (Eric Morino), better known by the alias PointCrow, linked control of the Elden Ring character to the position of his tortellini goldfish in their aquarium.

In other words, it cannot be said that PointCrow taught its pet to play the Elden Ring. In which part of the aquarium the fish brain puts tortellini, the hero on the screen will perform such an action. Nevertheless, the first successes are already there.

In just a few PointCrow broadcasts (full recordings are available Here And Here) Extinguished, controlled by Tortellini, was able to defeat the soldier Godric, Godric himself (one of the demigods, btw) and Margit.

Tortellini also tried his hand at Malenia – officially the toughest boss in the Elden Ring – and even managed to defeat Defender Michella’s first phase in five and a half hours.

It’s worth noting that PointCrow doesn’t expect Tortellini to fully complete Elden Ring. With the Elden Ring Boss Arena mod installed, the streamer can choose which bosses they want their goldfish to face off against.

Just like a monkey who happens to press the keys of a typewriter will theoretically write one of Shakespeare’s plays sooner or later, Tortellini has every chance of defeating the most difficult bosses in Elden Ring.

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