The best thing that can happen to Fallout the first

“The best thing that can happen to Fallout”: the first trailer for the remake of Fallout 2 on the engine of the fourth part was released

The authors of the large-scale amateur project Project Arroyo, which recreates Fallout 2 on the Fallout 4 engine, have published a trailer demonstrating locations and battles. This is the first video on the developers’ YouTube channel in four years.

 Image Source: Nexus Mods

Image Source: Nexus Mods

In the video you can see familiar places: the settlements of Arroyo, Klamath and Modoc, the Temple of Trials, Toxic Caves and Golgotha ​​Cemetery near New Reno. The video also featured recognizable enemies (rats, mole rats, geckos, mantises) and weapons.

In the comments, users supported Team Arroyo, praising the team for their excellent job of porting a 2D game to a 3D engine, and admitted that the video made them feel intense nostalgia for Fallout 2. “This will be the best thing that could happen to Fallout”wrote patrickmerk5147.

Development of Project Arroyo began in 2018, but has not yet progressed beyond the early stages. The team continues to look for specialists – artists, scriptwriters, level designers and composers. Those wishing to join the team are asked to fill out form.

Simultaneously with the publication of the new trailer, the creators spoke about the beginning of collaboration with another team of modders – the authors Fallout: Vault 13, a remake of the first Fallout on the engine of the fourth part. Joint efforts will help bring the release of both projects closer.

Earlier in the article with answers to popular questions in Discord and in an interview for Polygon the creators said that they plan to cover as much content and mechanics from the 1998 game as possible, including hero development systems (perks, karma), weapons, NPCs, settlements and quests. Moreover, they are going to add cut materials (including those presented in the Restoration Project mod), the construction system from Fallout 4 and many new locations that correlate with the history of the Fallout world, as well as finalizing the map design specifically for the 3D game.

At the same time, some features will be limited: for example, some of the jokes and moments of breaking the fourth wall will be made optional – they will be available through an additional hero trait like the “Wild Wasteland” from Fallout: New Vegas. According to the developers, the seamless open world will be approximately twice as large as in Fallout 4. The voice acting and music will be recorded from scratch – original files cannot be used for legal reasons.

It is worth warning that the authors do not often share materials, so almost all of the available screenshots are already out of date (most of them date back to 2020).

The mod’s release date has not been disclosed. The release will definitely not take place this year.

Meanwhile, another long-awaited modification for Fallout 4 will appear in April – Fallout London, which The Folon Team has been working on for more than three years.

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