The BBC is asking journalists not to use TikTok but

The BBC is asking journalists not to use TikTok but is making an exception for some

The British Broadcasting Corporation, also known as the BBC, with more than 20,000 employees, asked them not to use the TikTok app on company devices unless it was somehow justified for official purposes. In particular, it is still possible to use the social network of the Chinese company ByteDance to distribute media content among viewers.

    Image source: Sebastian Herrmann/

Image source: Sebastian Herrmann/

The changes at the BBC come amid a UK government ban on TikTok for devices-owned devices that was rolled out last week. According to the content of an internal email leaked on Twitter, the company announced that it had conducted its own investigation into TikTok’s security and made the decision not to recommend installing the application on corporate devices without a “valid business reason.”

This means that some employees are allowed to use the social network to promote content, for example, as the platform is extremely popular with children and young people. However, as with officials, there are no restrictions on using the service on personal devices.

The BBC made this decision due to threats to the privacy and security of data collected by TikTok and potentially available to Chinese authorities. However, TikTok itself rejects such suspicions and considers the repression against the company to be politically motivated. TikTok has welcomed the BBC to continue using the platform for publishing and marketing.

TikTok expressed its willingness to work with the BBC and foreign governments to resolve contentious issues. The service recently announced a data security plan called Project Clover. It will create a “safe space” for storing data of European users, including UK residents, whose data will be stored in Europe.

According to some reports, refusing to use TikTok on office equipment is being considered by many companies that have high information security requirements. They are already conducting their own tests and are considering at least limiting the use of the social network in the corporate segment.

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