The authors of the cooperative action game The First Descendant

The authors of the cooperative action game The First Descendant promise to fix all the shortcomings identified during the beta test

Publisher Nexon and developer Nexon Games conducted an open beta test of their cooperative action game The First Descendant at the end of September. After the event ended, the organizers took a break and are now ready to share with players further plans to improve their project.

    Image source: Nexon

Image source: Nexon

The First Descendant tells the story of the “Descendants” – soldiers with unique skills and technologies that they use in an unequal confrontation with alien invaders.

Nexon officials said the test could be considered a success as nearly two million people took part. The average online presence on Steam remained around 40,000 users throughout the beta.

“The reason we couldn’t share the news with you sooner is because we had to process the large amount of feedback from our offspring who took part in the tests. – explains action producer Lee Beom-jun. — The main complaints relate to repeatability of missions and underutilization of sites.”.

The developers of The First Descendant intend to improve the gameplay of the action game according to player feedback. In addition to missions and key locations, the following will also be overhauled: the user interface, the equipment drop system and the hero personalization menu.

The First Descendant is scheduled to launch in 2024, but there is no exact release date yet. The project is being created for PC, PS4 and PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S. Support for crossplay between all platforms is announced.

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