The authors of Soul Hackers 2 talked about merging demons

The authors of Soul Hackers 2 talked about merging demons and building the game world

Publisher and developer Atlus informed about the release of the third video from the guide series Summoners Guide for the role-playing game Soul Hackers 2. The video tells about the construction of the world and the merging of demons.

    Image source: Atlus

Image source: Atlus

Soul Hackers 2 features multiple demon summoner factions (including the Phantom Society and the Yatagarasu faction). Nevertheless, there is one neutral territory in the game’s universe – the so-called kingdoms (realms).

The realms are areas hidden from ordinary people with a variety of businesses: a black market selling goods of dubious origin, a place to upgrade gadgets, and the shop of Victor, a demon fusion specialist.

Cirque du Goumaden (that’s the name of Victor’s establishment) offers to cross demons to get new monsters. Merges are Regular, Special, Recommended, and Searching.

As the demons evolve, they not only get stronger but also learn new tricks. After getting them all, the monster gives the player a gift. They come in different types, but Mystics are particularly valuable, giving various bonuses.

A separate segment of the published guide is dedicated to the freelance demon summoner Saizo, but the developers presented all the relevant information about him last week.

Soul Hackers 2 will be available on August 26th this year for PC (Steam, Microsoft Store), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S. The Japanese premiere of the game will take place a day earlier – on August 25th.

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