The ASUS ROG Ally portable console did a great job

The ASUS ROG Ally portable console did a great job emulating the PS3, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360 and more

The ASUS ROG Ally portable game console offers users a Windows system, high performance and a bright screen, making it an attractive alternative to the Steam Deck. Now enthusiasts have tested the novelty for the release of games for other portable consoles. Turns out, ROG Ally does an excellent job emulating games for other consoles, including the Sony PlayStation 3, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Xbox 360.

    Image Source: ETA Prime / YouTube

Image Source: ETA Prime / YouTube

The authors of the ETA Prime YouTube channel have released a video testing ROG Ally’s ability to run various emulators. During a series of tests, the device successfully ran games for PlayStation 3 through the RPCS3 emulator, Nintendo Switch (YUZU), PSP (PPSSPP), Xbox 360 (CXBX), 3DS (Citra), GameCube (Dolphin) and WiiU (CEMU) out of. and PS2 (PSX2).

Oddly enough, the ROG Ally handles games that are difficult to emulate quite well. For example, enthusiasts could run God of War 3 on the console in Full HD resolution, and during the game the frame rate was in the range of 50-60 frames per second. When emulating Red Dead Redemption for the Xbox 360, the frame rate was stable at 30 frames per second.

High performance in emulation is ensured by the fact that the Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor in ROG supports Ally AVX512 instructions. This means that many emulation engines can use extended 256-bit SIMD vector extensions. These instructions extend the capabilities of 256-bit instructions by introducing advanced operations such as data conversion, spreading, or permutation operations. Such calculations are commonly used by emulators, which can benefit greatly from AVX512 command support.

The ROG Ally console runs on Windows, so games from Steam are available to users. But the device also becomes attractive for people who are looking for a platform for emulating games. ROG Ally will go on sale next month and will cost $700. Later, a version with a less powerful chip will be available for $600.


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