The Arc Search app for iOS combines browser search engine

The Arc Search app for iOS combines browser, search engine and AI

The Browser Company, which has been working on the development of the Arc browser for several years, has introduced a new product. We are talking about the iOS application Arc Search, which combines the capabilities of a browser and a search engine with algorithms based on artificial intelligence. This approach allows you to create personalized pages with answers to questions that the user enters while interacting with the service.

    Image source: The Browser Company / David Pierce

Image source: The Browser Company / David Pierce

Arc Search is part of larger changes to the Arc Browser. Until recently, the company’s mobile app was viewed primarily as a desktop companion, providing easy access to open tabs. Now the developers have started distributing Arc among Windows device users and are also preparing their own cross-platform data synchronization system Arc Anywhere, which should help transfer some AI features on Arc to other platforms. Arc Search will eventually be renamed Arc and will be The Browser Company’s only app.

One of the main functions of the Arc Search application is the “Search for me” function, which, at the request of users, collects information from various sources and creates a separate page with quotes from it. The page is supplemented by links that give you quick access to more detailed information. There are numerous links to this request posted in the “Dive Deeper” section.

The developers plan to further improve Arc Search using AI algorithms based on neural networks from OpenAI and other companies operating in this segment. How The Browser Company plans to interact with the publishers whose information it uses is not yet known. It is also possible that the Arc application will become a paid product over time.

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