The Apple Watch Ultras transition to MicroLED displays could deprive

The Apple Watch Ultra’s transition to MicroLED displays could deprive Samsung of significant revenue

Samsung today derives significant revenue from Apple’s supply of its OLED displays and memory chips, which are used in many of its products. OLEDs are used in particular in Apple Watch smartwatches. However, according to the latest data, the situation could change in a direction unfavorable for Samsung.

    Apple Watch Ultra.  Image source: Apple

Apple Watch Ultra. Image source: Apple

According to the latest data from the well-known expert Jeff Pu, the new version of the Apple Watch Ultra will appear in 2024 and smartwatches will use MicroLED displays. First of all, this means that Apple will reject OLED from Samsung. Although the South Korean company makes MicroLED displays, but only large ones for electronic devices like TVs, the company doesn’t produce similar types of displays for small devices.

If Apple is really planning to release the new Apple Watch Ultra in 2024, the model is probably already in development, so it is very likely that the company is already placing orders for the MicroLED release to start with the release of the new watch variant to keep up until next year . In other words, it’s entirely possible that the order for displays for new watches will go to another company. Since BOE supplies many OLED displays for the iPhone and has the necessary capacities to manufacture MicroLED, it is possible that the company will become one of the suppliers.

Samsung is already going through a crisis and partially declining revenue, so the situation with the Apple Watch Ultra can only make things worse. According to Sammobile, CEO Lee Jae-Yong convened business leaders on the first business day of the new year and demanded that they come up with urgent plans to combat falling demand and boost the company’s revenue.

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