The Apple VR headset uses the same 96 watt adapter used

The Apple VR headset uses the same 96-watt adapter used for the MacBook Pro to charge the Apple VR headset

Lately, rumors and predictions about the upcoming mixed reality headset from Apple have been circulating on the web. According to the latest information from renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple’s VR / AR headset will charge the same 96W adapter as the current 14-inch MacBook Pro.

Image source: Ian Zelbo

Image source: Ian Zelbo

The fact that Apple’s upcoming VR / AR headset will use such a powerful charger indirectly confirms Kuo’s previous claims that the new product will have Mac-grade computing power. The analyst also confirmed that the headset will come with two processors, one made with 5nm process technology and the other made with 4nm lithography technology. Both chips are made by TSMC. Back in November, Kuo announced that the more powerful chip would be equivalent to the M1 chipset used in Mac computers. The second microcircuit won’t be as productive. It is responsible for the functions associated with the headset sensors.

The Apple headset will provide an innovative user experience, said Kuo. Users can switch between augmented and virtual reality modes “on the fly”. The analyst is confident that at the time of publication, the Apple product will be two to three years ahead of competing products in terms of computing power. Kuo previously said that Apple’s AR / VR headset will be unveiled in the fourth quarter of this year, with mass shipments of the device starting in the first few months of next year.

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