The app for everything Elon Musk shared his vision for

“The app for everything”: Elon Musk shared his vision for the future of Twitter

American businessman Elon Musk, who is the new owner of Twitter, spoke in detail about what awaits the social network in the future. This happened during the billionaire’s communication with platform users in the Twitter Spaces audio chat.

    Image Credit: Jim Wilson / The New York Times

Image Credit: Jim Wilson / The New York Times

Musk said Twitter plans to monetize content creators and delve into video to address business segments where popular service TikTok has thrived. Another innovation of the social network may be the ability to transfer money. If this feature is integrated in the future, platform users will be able to link debit cards to their accounts to transfer funds within the social network and withdraw funds. Ultimately, the businessman plans to do Twitter “The app for everything”. It was probably about the so-called super app, an example of which is WeChat, a popular service in Asia that allows you to make transfers, pay bills, order food, call a taxi, etc.

According to the source, the meeting with Elon Musk was organized in an audio chat for advertisers, with whom the businessman had an unstable relationship in a short time at the helm of the company. Some advertisers have even suspended their campaigns on the platform over concerns about future social network changes. Musk has now assured listeners that Twitter will remain committed to advertisers and that the platform itself will continue to grow at a rapid pace. “Twitter will evolve in huge strides compared to before. You know, apart from everything else, I’m a technologist and I can get technology to work quickly. And you’ll see that on Twitter.”said the billionaire.

Musk also promised to lift many of the social network’s rules regarding published content. In the coming months, a council will be formed to study these issues and advise the businessman. He confirmed his intention to invest “huge funds” in the development of the video content segment. It is understood that Twitter Blue subscribers will be able to post 10-minute videos, then the video length limit will increase to 42 minutes and later to several hours.

Musk tried to reassure users concerned that the introduction of an $8-a-month account verification fee will spark a wave of fraud. He stressed that Twitter will actively fight against fake accounts involved in fraud and other violations of the social network’s rules. There was also an intention to make advertising on the platform more relevant and to protect advertisers, who generate around 90% of the company’s revenue, from inappropriate content related to disinformation and hate speech.

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