The Anthropic AI bot integrates with Zoom to automate communication

The Anthropic AI bot integrates with Zoom to automate communication between business users and customers

The video conferencing service Zoom announced its intention to increase the performance of its platform by integrating the Claude chatbot, built on the basis of a neural network by Anthropic specialists. Initially, the AI ​​bot will appear in the contact center service, used as a channel for customer support by Zoom business partners.

    Image source: Zoom

Image source: Zoom

Launched in March, the Claude chatbot will enable customer service agents to provide “better self-service capabilities” to help customers resolve their issues, the statement said. Zoom hasn’t yet decided how the chatbot will integrate with other products like Team Chat, Meetings, Phone, Whiteboard, and Zoom IQ.

However, the developers intend to eventually implement the capabilities of the AI ​​algorithm in order to improve the performance of platforms and increase competition with similar services from other companies. Zoom already has a number of AI capabilities in its arsenal, which will be implemented in Zoom IQ through a partnership with Open AI. Currently, users of the service can use the neural network to create draft messages and summaries based on text prompts.

Additionally, Zoom Ventures’ startup investment arm has announced it will continue its partnership with Anthropic, which is also backed by Google. The company is confident that the partnership with Open AI and Anthropic will help further develop the business and enable the integration of advanced features demanded by users into Zoom services.

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