The ambitious survival Forever Skies Early Access from the former

The ambitious survival Forever Skies Early Access from the former creators of Dying Light will contain more than promised, but will have to wait

Polish studio Far From Home, consisting of former developers of Dying Light, The Medium, Outriders and Divinity: Original Sin, announced about porting his sci-fi survival sim Forever Skies.

    Image Source: Far From Home

Image Source: Far From Home

As has become known, the launch of Forever Skies Early Access, which is expected later this year, has been postponed to the first half of 2023. The delay can be explained by the developers’ desire to expand the main elements of the game.

The change was prompted by the popularity of Forever Skies’ October demo. More than 80,000 people tried the game, many liked it (83% of respondents rated the project at least 8 out of 10), but there was also constructive criticism.

Remember that the events of Forever Skies will take place on Earth, devastated by an ecological catastrophe and covered with a thick layer of toxic dust, on which the hero will travel in a high-tech airship.

Now early access will include core virus research mechanics, dusty realm, more diverse locations, ship damage and repair systems, and more customization options.

Key elements of Forever Skies in Early Access will be co-op with support for up to four people and “a gripping story of how the earth got into this position and what scientists are doing” (closer to release).

Forever Skies Early Access is coming to PC steam there is a demo), and the full version will also be released on consoles – PS5, Xbox Series X and S. Until the end of November, the developers will answer questions from players discord.

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