The actual frequency of Intel Arc mobile GPU graphics cards

The actual frequency of Intel Arc mobile GPU graphics cards will be much higher than the declared one

One of the most discussed topics after the announcement of Intel’s Arc Alchemist mobile graphics cards was not the highest frequency of their graphics processors. Intel itself did not explain this fact in any way during the presentation. However, the situation was clarified during an interview with the portal hot hardware Tom Petersen, Distinguished Intel Graphics Developer.

    Image source: Intel

Image source: Intel

According to him, the “Graphics Clock” indicator shown on Arc’s mobile graphics card model chart does not mean the GPU’s base or maximum frequency, which is usually specified by the same AMD and NVIDIA companies for their solutions. Graphics frequency, as understood by Intel, is a certain average indicator of the minimum GPU frequency, which primarily depends on the graphics card’s power consumption in a given scenario.

Peterson cited the Arc A370M mobile graphics card as an example, which is said to have a graphics frequency of 1550 MHz. According to an Intel specialist, this frequency corresponds to a power consumption of 35 watts. At the same time, the TDP range for the Arc A370M model is 35-50 W. In other words, at 35 W we are talking about the frequency of the chip under light load conditions.

The next example is the NVIDIA Max-Q technology, due to which the same NVIDIA graphics card model can have different TDP values ​​and the declared frequency of the GPU. Peterson noted that in the same games as Counter Strike, the Arc A370M graphics frequency will be higher than 2 GHz.

The information expressed by Petersen was indirectly confirmed a few days ago thanks to a screenshot of the GPU-Z utility published on one of the Chinese media platforms. In particular, the image below shows the characteristics of the Arc A3530M mobile graphics card, the GPU of which runs at 2.2 GHz. At the same time, the officially declared CPU frequency of this graphics card is 1150 MHz.

    Image source: Zhihu

Image source: Zhihu

However, it must be recognized that this way of reflecting the characteristics of Intel graphics accelerators makes it difficult to compare them with competitors. Technically speaking, the GPU frequencies of Arc Alchemist mobile graphics cards are not directly comparable to the GPUs of AMD and NVIDIA mobile graphics cards.


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