The action MMO Soulframe in the spirit of Elden Ring

The action MMO Soulframe in the spirit of Elden Ring allows you to pet a giant wolf, and testing of a very early “alpha” will begin soon

The fantasy role-playing MMO action game Soulframe from developers at Canadian Digital Extremes (Warframe) is still far from release, but users will have the opportunity to try the game very soon.

    Image source: Digital Extremes

Image source: Digital Extremes

As part of the recent Warframe Devstream 175 Digital Extremes CEO Steven Sinclair shared details of Soulframe’s first public test.

As it became known, the “Pre-Pre-Pre-Alpha” Soulframe will launch in December and (unlike the release version) will only be available on PC. Players who have registered on the official website.

Invitations to Soulframe’s closed pre-pre-pre-alpha will be sent out in waves on a first-come, first-served basis – the first round includes “Hundreds” places, but as a result the number of participants will increase.

Soulframe’s “Pre-Pre-Pre-Alpha” will cover a specific part of the island of Midrat with multiple dungeons, combat stages, character development and customization options.

In addition, as part of the broadcast (see video above), the developers demonstrated the ability to pet the giant wolf from the trailers, recently added to Soulframe. It is unclear whether such an option will appear in “pre-pre-pre-alpha.”

Players in the role of heroes of the fantasy world Alka must awaken the power of their ancestors and fight legendary monsters. The authors draw inspiration from Elden Ring, The Neverending Story and Princess Mononoke.

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