The absurd puzzle game McPixel 3 offers to save the

The absurd puzzle game McPixel 3 offers to save the world in the dumbest ways

Publisher Devolver Digital and developer Mikolaj Kaminski, aka Sos Sosowski, announced McPixel 3 is the sequel to the absurd McPixel puzzle from 2012.

Image source: Devolver Digital

Image source: Devolver Digital

In McPixel 3, protagonist McPixel averts disaster after disaster using unorthodox methods, like summoning a billionaire grilled spider down his pants or tossing a T-Rex into space.

“Is that a bird? is that an airplane? No, it falls too fast! It’s a MacPixel! He dreams of being a hero and constantly finds himself in the most incredible situations imaginable.”reads the description of McPixel 3 in steam.

Among the features of McPixel 3 100 are mentioned “insane” Levels with 1.5 thousand interactive elements and more than 20 mini-games, over 900 jokes and democratic system requirements (1GB RAM recommended).

McPixel 3 is expected to be released later this year on PC (Steam) and Other “Devices released since 1995”. How it transfers PC gameryou can try the game as early as February 21st with the start of the Games to Be festival on Steam.


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