The ability to record sound in Twitter Spaces became available

The ability to record sound in Twitter Spaces became available to everyone

Testing the function of recording broadcasts in Twitter audio rooms did not last long: the administration of the service announced that all users of devices running Android and iOS can record their events in Spaces.

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The function of recording programs in listening rooms turns Spaces into podcasts in the classic sense. Using it is simple: before the start of the performance, the owner of the channel must press the record button. Thereafter, the saved version of the broadcast will be available for public listening and sharing within 30 days of release. Audio room owners can delete all saved recordings at any time. However, the administration of the service clarifies that the audio files are physically stored for up to 120 days – in case a complaint about a breach is received and needs to be reviewed.

The new features of Twitter Spaces will help content creators host regular broadcasts and meetings in audio rooms and then post recordings, at least for a while, without resorting to third-party tools. Users do not have to recreate their schedules according to the schedules of the shows they are interested in. And this will also allow the platform to compete more effectively with Clubhouse – the audio chat service added the ability to record shows in November.



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