The ability to link up to four devices to one

The ability to link up to four devices to one WhatsApp account is available to all users

The WhatsApp support page has been updated with information in the FAQ section that users can now link up to four additional devices to one account in addition to one smartphone with a master account.

Image source: silviarita/

Image source: silviarita/

The feature has been in beta for quite some time, but is only now being released to the public. It can be used by both Android and iOS users. It is clarified that if there is no connection with the main smartphone for 14 days, messengers on alternative devices become inactive.

The devices available for connection also include laptops or PCs – tablets cannot yet be connected to WhatsApp, although in some cases this would be very convenient. In order to communicate with other devices, it is not necessary for the main smartphone to have an active Internet connection and, as a rule, it has been switched on for two weeks. All devices support end-to-end encryption of the transmitted data.

Image source: WhatsApp

Image source: WhatsApp

To link a smartphone, you need to update the software to the latest version and in Messenger settings select the “Linked devices” item and then go to the “Device linking” menu. In order to then enter the system on the connected device, the QR code must be scanned with the smartphone at the address or in an installed client application.

It is noteworthy that some functions are not available outside of the messenger installed on the main device, e.g. For example, deleting or deleting chats if the main device is an iPhone, communicating with a user of a very old version of the messenger, using tablets and some other functions. See the Communication Service Help Center for details.


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