That of Final Fantasy

That of Final Fantasy

Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment and developers from Chinese studio Ultizero Games brought a new one to ChinaJoy 2023 Fan And Gameplay presentation his fantasy action role-playing game Lost Soul Aside.

    Image Credit: Ultizero Games

Image Credit: Ultizero Games

Lost Soul Aside is set in a fantasy world where science fiction and superpowers coexist. The game tells about a hero named Kazer, who accidentally unites with a representative of an ancient race, the Arena.

The revealed trailer is a minute and a half long and shows some scenery and gameplay clips, including a fight with a spear-wielding water boss.

The Lost Soul Aside gameplay presentation held as part of ChinaJoy 2023 includes approximately 22 minutes of gameplay. Leadership and characters are communicated in Chinese, but this does not affect the assessment of the environment and combat system.

The developers showed the study of the ruined temple, fights with common enemies, the story boss (included in the 2021 demo) and several cinematic scenes.

Both the new trailer and the presentation confirmed that Lost Soul Aside will be released on PC, where it will receive support for ray tracing technology. The project is also listed for PS5. PS4 has disappeared from the list of target platforms.

Lost Soul Aside is expected to be released in 2024. They promise a unique combat system, luxurious graphics and an interesting plot. Lead developer Yang Bing came up with the idea for the game in 2014, inspired by the Final Fantasy XV trailer.

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