Thanks to modders Stray the Cat Adventure can now be

Thanks to modders, Stray the Cat Adventure can now be played with two players

portal Eurogamer I noticed that Annapurna Interactive and BlueTwelve Studio’s single player cat adventure Stray has received local multiplayer support on PC thanks to the modding community.

    Image source: Steam (»❀ OnlyMisu)

Image source: Steam (»❀ OnlyMisu)

modification split screen Written by an enthusiast under the pen name KangieDanie, the game is available to download from the Nexus Mods website and, as the name suggests, adds a split-screen mode to Stray.

As KangieDanie notes, split-screen is still in an early stage of development, so bugs (graphic glitches, getting stuck between levels, UI only visible to one player) are inevitable.

    Image source: Nexus Mods

Image source: Nexus Mods

To add a player to a session, just press F9 on your keyboard. There is no limit on the number of participants, but KangieDanie isn’t sure how Stray will handle more than two users.

In the comments to the post, KangieDanie clarifies that his development will focus solely on local co-op, but another modder is already working on online co-op.

Modification KangieDanie was released at the end of last week, but the media has only now drawn attention to it. In the video above you can see how Stray looks in local co-op.

Stray debuted on July 19th on PC (Steam), PS4 and PS5, and PS Plus (Extra and Premium/Deluxe). According to the plot, a lonely stray cat must get out of a dying cybertown inhabited by robots.

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