Thanks for the dead game Fans criticized Valve for the

“Thanks for the dead game”: Fans criticized Valve for the “terrible optimization” of Counter-Strike 2 and called for the return of CS:GO

Counter-Strike 2, which debuted yesterday, is not only a free upgrade to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), but also a complete replacement. Not all users were happy about this.

    Image source: Steam

Image source: Steam

We would like to remind you that Counter-Strike 2 is a version of CS:GO on the Source 2 engine. All users were automatically given access to CS2 upon release, but the original game was removed – it is now available steam not at all.

All elements of CS:GO have been carried over to the new version, but some modes (e.g. “Arms Race”) are missing. All earned achievements are also gone (there were 167). There is only one trophy in CS2 so far, and it is nominal.

    There are still too few negative reviews of CS2 to influence the overall rating - the game has more than 7.5 million reviews

Negative reviews of CS2 are still too few to influence the overall rating – the game has more than 7.5 million reviews (Image source: Steam)

The biggest annoyance among CS:GO fans, aside from now being unable to play their favorite game, is the performance of Counter-Strike 2, which has noticeably deteriorated compared to the original version.

player require from Valve to bring back CS:GO or at least optimize Counter-Strike 2, complain to a drop in frame rate from 150-200 to 30-50. “Thanks for the dead game”writes Users with more than 2,000 hours in CS:GO.

    Image source: PCGamesN

Image source: PCGamesN

Steam Deck users are also out of luck. portal PCGamesN I’ve experienced stuttering and frame rate drops while playing Counter-Strike 2 on a Valve portable PC: “Surprisingly terrible optimization”.

Counter-Strike 2 is available for free on Steam. The Source 2 version features improved and rebuilt maps from the ground up, dynamic grenade smoke, updated rating and premier mode, sub-tick structure and redesigned sound.

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