Tesla will add a CCS connector to its US charging

Tesla will add a CCS connector to its US charging stations to power third-party electric vehicles

The explosion of the electric vehicle market has produced multiple charging connector standards, which are traditionally more prevalent in some regions than others. If Tesla EVs officially shipped in Europe for the local market immediately use the common CCS connector, then the company still uses its own standard connector in the US market. The opening of third-party EV access to the network of Supercharger charging stations in the United States will be accompanied by an update to the charging ports on them.

    Image source: Tesla

Image source: Tesla

As you know, Tesla will open access to its public Supercharger charging stations in North America to owners of other brands of electric vehicles. The latter are often equipped with a CCS connector. As noted electric Referring to the comments of eyewitnesses, Tesla has already started mentioning the fact of CCS compatibility in the notes describing its charging stations in the United States.

    Image source: Tesla

Image source: Tesla

In addition, the image of the Supercharger charging station in the proprietary application already includes a larger connector called the Magic Dock. It is expected that both owners of cars with a CCS connector and owners of American Tesla EVs with a proprietary connector will be able to use the charging station. In fact, the CCS adapter introduced at charging stations can be easily disconnected if it is not needed by a particular car owner.

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